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[27 Aug 2008 13:03] Exploration - Small - Crokite, Dark Ochre, Spodumain
A small low-sec hidden belt with Crokite, Dark Ochre and Spodumain asteroids (only basic variants)

[26 Aug 2008 15:32] Exploration - Small - Jaspet, Kernite, Omber
A small High-sec hidden belt with Jaspet, Kernite and Omber (all flavours included).

[26 Aug 2008 15:10] Exploration - Large - Kernite, Omber
A large High-sec hidden belt with Kernite and Omber (all flavours included)

[26 Aug 2008 09:49] Exploration - Small - Omber
A small hidden belt with Omber asteroids (all Omber flavours).

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