Ship Test

The Blood Raider Covenant

The Blood Raiders are a splinter group of the Sani Sabik cult. They are those who desire fresh clone blood. And the capsuleers, the elite of the society, demigods, who use clones regularly are their prime target. So the Blood Raiders took off to space to quench their thirst and now permeate, along with the Sansha's Nation, the whole of the Amarrian Empire.

tank: armor
lowest resists: EM and thermal
damage types: thermal and EM (lasers)
EW type:: NOS


The Serpentis Corporation

The Serpentis rose from the ashes of a booster R&D corporation called Sarpatis (named after its founder, Igil Sarpati). Despite officially being listed as a hi-tech research company, refinement and production of sophisticated boosters seems to be its main preoccupation. They operate mostly in Gallente space and their ship and weapon designs are based on Gallente technology. Elite defences of their assets are provided by the Guardian Angels, which is a branch of the Angel Cartel.

tank: armor
lowest resists: kinetic and thermal
damage types: thermal and kinetic (railguns and blasters)
EW type:: sensor dampening

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