Regional Serpentis Mainframe

Brief Description

Tier 0? low-security space Serpentis hacking site. Contains 3 hackable objects.


Cruiser - Easy (fitted against Serpentis)


  • Serpentis (Gallente) Decryptors (usually EngPl, ColMsr, TstRep, sometimes SymFig, never got StlnFrm)
  • Datacores (usually GSE, Plasma, Laser, Electrical Eng)
  • Interface Components (usually Current Amplifier, Heat Depressor and Second-Hand Parts)
  • rarely 1-run BPC for Incognito (Tuner) Data Interface

Detailed description


No hostiles present at warp-in.

2 Groups spawn approx. 50km away when one of the Serpentis Com Towers is hacked.

Group A: 2x [F]Serpentis, 2x [C]Serpentis
Group B: 2x [F]Serpentis, 2x [C]Serpentis

Following objects can be hacked:
1x Serpentis Info Shard
2x Serpentis Com Tower



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