Local Serpentis Minor Shipyard (Profession - Hacking - Base 4 - Hi Sec - Serpentis)

Brief Description

Tier 4 High-sec Serpentis hacking site. Contains 4 hackable objects. Formerly (pre-Apocrypha) known as Profession - Hacking - Base 4 - Hi Sec - Serpentis.


Easy - Frigate and better


  • Serpentis (Gallente) Decryptors (usually EngPl, ColMsr, TstRep, sometimes SymFig, never got StlnFrm)
  • Datacores (usually GSE, Plasma, Laser, Electrical Eng)
  • Interface Components (usually Current Amplifier, Heat Depressor and Second-Hand Parts)
  • rarely 1-run BPC for Incognito (Tuner) Data Interface

Detailed description

A myriad of technological marvels inhabit this area of space, the physical guts of a powerful and well protected computerized network. A codebreaker module will be invaluable in uncovering the secrets that are likely hidden here, locked away inside data vaults and heavily encrypted digital networks.


The area with the Serpentis Info Shards

Group A: 1-2x [F]Serpentis - destroying them spawns group B, which in turn spawns group C.

Group A: 1-2x [F]Serpentis

Group C: 2x [D]Serpentis

Proximity to one of the shards calls in group D and sometimes, later, group E.
Group D: 3x [F]Serpentis

Group E: 2x [F]Serpentis

The area with the lonely Serpentis Com Tower

Group F: 1-2x [F]Serpentis - destroying it spawns another Serpentis frigate (or two).

Following objects can be hacked:
2x Serpentis Info Shard
2x Serpentis Com Tower



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