Profession - Hacking - Base 3 - Hi Sec - Guristas

Brief Description

Tier 3 hacking site belonging to the Guristas. Contains 3 hackable objects.


Frigate - Very easy


  • Guristas (Caldari) Decryptors (usually UsrMn, ProtDia, IntAlig)
  • Datacores
  • Interface Components (Spare Parts, Electronic Link, …)
  • 1-run Esoteric (Tuner) Data Interface BPC
  • Caldari Encryption Methods Skillbook

Detailed description


Group A: 2x [F]Guristas

Upon hacking one the objects group B spawns:
Group B: 4x [F]Guristas

Following objects can be hacked:

2x Guristas Info Shard
1x Guristas Com Tower


Thanks goes to Rogeroo for the info.


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