Local Serpentis Virus Test Site (Profession - Hacking - Base 1 - Hi Sec - Serpentis)

Brief Description

The simplest hacking site belonging to Serpentis Corp. Contains 3 hackable objects. Formerly (pre-Apocrypha) known as Profession - Hacking - Base 1 - Hi Sec - Serpentis.


PFE (Pretty Fucking Easy) in anything that can handle 2 Serpentis destroyers and 2 Serpentis frigs


  • Serpentis (Gallente) Decryptors (usually EngPl, ColMsr, TstRep, sometimes SymFig, never got StlnFrm)
  • Datacores (usually GSE, Plasma, Laser, Electrical Eng)
  • Interface Components (usually Current Amplifier, Heat Depressor and Second-Hand Parts)

Detailed description

A myriad of technological marvels inhabit this area of space, the physical guts of a powerful and well protected computerized network. A codebreaker module will be invaluable in uncovering the secrets that are likely hidden here, locked away inside data vaults and heavily encrypted digital networks.


Group A: 1-2x [F]Serpentis
Group B: 1-2x [D]Serpentis

Following objects can be hacked:
3x Serpentis Info Shard


Asteroids: 13x Veldspar (820k)
SSS: 2.0000 (avg. 0.5 scans)


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