NPC Group Symbols and stuff

Entries describing number and grouping of NPCs are in the following format:

Group group letter: no. of ships x [ship class]faction

Group letters follow latin alphabet and are unique within the description of a pocket.

Ship classes are the following:

s - swarm (only for Drones)
F - frigate
D - destroyer
C - cruiser
BC - battlecruiser
BS - battleship

Ship class might be appended by another symbol denoting exceptional ships:

+ - elite vessel, i.e. [F]Serpentis might stand for Coreli Patroller, [F+]Serpentis might stand for Coreli Guardian Patroller.
++ - commander vessel, i.e. [F++]Serpentis might be Shadow Serpentis Patroller.
* - overseer vessel, i.e. [BS*]Serpentis Serpentis-Phi Operation Protector
** - reserved for officer ships

Following faction names are used:

Angel - The Angel Cartel
Blood - Blood Raiders
Drone - Rogue Drones
Guristas - The Guristas
Sansha - Sansha Nation
Serpentis - The Serpentis Corporation

Groups "huddled" together denote a single wave:

Group A: foo
Group B: bar
Group C: baz


Group A: foo

Group B: bar

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