Escalation - Mare Sargassum

Brief Description

Escalation of Desolate Site.




  • drone alloys, T1 salvage, T2 salvage, drone components

Detailed description

At first it seems strange the drones have picked this barren and resource deficient place to build a new hive. But then again, while you were blowing up the place, you noticed a few vessels that might have been used as transports, indicating the drones were pulling in the materials they needed from someplace else. As to compliment you on your reasoning, your communication systems start indicating several different incoming transmissions in drone beeps and clicks and after a while you manage to coerce your instruments into pointing out an approximate spatial origin of the message.

1st step:


Group A: 4x [F]Drone, 2x [F+]Drone, 1x [F++]Drone

After destroing part of the A group, B group spawns
Group B: 4x [F]Drone

Approaching the drone bunkers spawns group C:
Group C: 3x [F]Drone, 3x [D]Drone

Destroying group C is followed by "group" D:

Group D: 1x [F]Drone

No further data available



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