Escalation - Guardian Angels Surveillance Squad

Brief Description

This is the escalation/expedition of the Provisional Serpentis Outpost complex. It is triggered by destroying the Serpentis Armory in the second pocket of the complex.


HAC - Easy (TH/KI resists)


  • T1/T2 Salvage
  • Shadow Serpentis Brass Tags
  • Shadow/Guardian Charge M
  • Low-grade Snake implants

Detailed description

It seemed for a while you would manage to get all of the pirates, but evidently one of the guard ships from the Guardian Angels has slipped away. Luckily your scanners seem to have gathered enough information to give you its approximate destination.

1st Step:

1st Pocket:


Group A: 3x [D]Serpentis, 4x [BC]Serpentis, 1x[C++]Serpentis

2nd Pocket:


The second pocket is full of Serpentis scum, however half of them disappears.
Group A: 2x [F+]Serpentis, 2x [C]Serpentis, 2x [BC]Serpentis, 3x [C+]Serpentis

Unfortunately, the only instance of this expedition I got ended after the first step (without a message).



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