Escalation - Angel Kickbacks

Brief Description

This is the escalation/expedition of the Serpentis Lookout complex. It is triggered by destroying the Serpentis Control Center in the second pocket of the complex.


AF - Easy (TH/KI resists)


  • T1/T2 Salvage
  • Shadow Serpentis Copper Tags, Shadow/Guardian Charge S
  • possibly Coreli A-Type modules

Detailed description

As soon as you warped in, your instruments registered a large group of ships escaping the fight in the last second. Further analysis of the data indicates this was a convoy of six to eight transport ships from the Salvation Angels, accompanied by an unknown number of combat ships. Your navigational systems have already come up with a likely location for you to get to, in case you feel you have any business with them.

1st Step:

1st Pocket:


Group A: 4x [F]Serpentis, 4x[D]Serpentis, 0-1x [F++]Serpentis

2nd Pocket:


The second pocket is devoid of any baddies, only a message pointing you to the next step shows up:

Not much here, except this empty warehouse. Perhaps the next location will reveal something more…

2nd Step:

1st Pocket:


Group A: 4x [F]Serpentis, 5x [D]Serpentis, 0-1x [F++]Serpentis

2nd Pocket:


Group A: 4x [F]Serpentis, 1x [D]Serpentis, 1x [C]Serpentis
Destroy these suckers to get the advancement message:

Again, a similar setup and this time you caught some bad guys in the act. Not that stealing from the Serpentis is necessarily "bad". Now if you only would find one of these hideouts where the Angels still store some booty. Perhaps the next location will lead you to something more interesting.

3rd Step:

1st Pocket:


Group A: 3x [F+]Serpentis, 5x [D]Serpentis, 0-1x [F++]Serpentis

2nd Pocket:


Group A: 3x [F]Serpentis, 3x [F+]Serpentis, 2x [D]Serpentis
Again, killing them all will point you (hopefully) to the next step:

Another hidden warehouse and this time a stiffer resistance. One location left, it better be something juicy. Warehouses filled with precious materials, or some rare weapons. A small "beep" emitting from one of your panels grabs your attention indicating that the flight schedule to the last location is ready.

4th Step:

1st Pocket:


Group A: 3x [F+]Serpentis, 2x [D]Serpentis
Group B: 3x [F]Serpentis

2nd Pocket:


Group A: 4x [F]Serpentis, 1x [F+]Serpentis, 1x [C]Serpentis
Group B: 3x [F]Serpentis, 1x [F++]Serpentis Shadow Coreli Antagonist (should drop some interesting loot, but in my case dropped jack-sh*t
Both groups aggro on warp-in. None of the structure yield any loot.


The ethics involved in robbing this hapless band of Angels are are interesting. Robbing from thieves who stole from drug dealers who sold their drugs to people who robbed someone to afford them…You wonder how long it has been since the valuables in your cargo hold were in honest hands.

Well, that's it. A disappointing outcome, seems that the valuables changed too much hands before getting to me. Other players report better results, the Shadow Coreli Antagonist drops a couple of Coreli A-Type modules.


Additional info by Ghorrn Kranthil and MickyS



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