Serpentis Vigil

Brief Description

A High-sec Serpentis Complex full of battlecruisers. Two pockets and a possibility of escalation


BC, HAC - Easy (dual MAR2, TH/KIN res.)

Allowed ships

A battlecruiser can go in, won't allow battleships (thanks OpenGuard)


  • Shadow Serpentis Brass Tags, Shadow M Charges (Iron, Tungsten)
  • Low-Grade Snake implant (very rare)
  • Bounty ~3M ISK

Detailed description

After activating the acceleration gate leading into the complex the following message shows up:

Previous explorers have commented that one of the gates requires a passkey. Alternatively, it can be bypassed by convincing the commander to unlock it.

1st Pocket:


Group A: 3x [F+]Serpentis, 5x [BC]Serpentis (warp-in aggro)
Killing one of the elite frigates causes Local Chat to flash a mesage about reinforcements and Group B spawns.

Core ships have undocked from the nearby Serpentis Hangars, with guns flaring.

Group B: 2-3x [F+]Serpentis, 3-5x [D]Serpentis, 1x [BC]Serpentis Core Drug Trader

"Convince" (pulverize/obliterate/reduce to dust) the Core Drug Trader to unlock the acceleration gate. Also a Serpentis Gold Tag in your cargohold unlocks the gate (the tag is consumed, however).

Strange sounds emit from the acceleration gate as soon as the Core Drug Trader vessel is destroyed. Perhaps the locking mechanism was in some way connected with the ship's computer.

2nd Pocket:


Group A: 8x [BC]Serpentis, 3x Tower Sentry Serpentis III
Destroying one Tower Sentry calls in the boss with his (her?) bodyguards (Group B).

Tago Uriken: Arg, do you know how expensive those sentry guns are? You just cost me a fortune! I'll have your head mounted on a pig-pole for that, scumbag.

Group B: some [BC]Serpentis, 3x [F+]Tago's Escort, 1x [C++]Serpentis Tago Uriken (will drop some tags, ammo and maybe a LG snake implant or a Shadow Serpentis Module - essentially, it's a faction rat spawn)


Killing Tago Uriken may trigger the Booster R&D escalation.


Screenshot of the 2nd pocket is brought to you by Xentara Vispari … o7

Asteroids in the 1st pocket: Veldspar 1.3M+, Plagioclase 350k+, Pyroxeres 420k+
Asteroids in the 2nd pocket: Veldspar 4.8M+


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