Serpentis-Phi Outpost

Brief Description

Medium difficulty (DED 4/10) High and Low-sec Serpentis Complex (less common in high-sec).


HAC - Easy (Ishtar, dual MAR2, 85-90% TH/KI armor resists)

Allowed ships

DED 4/10 - max. battlecruiser class vessel


  • 7th, 8th Tier Overseer Personal Effects
  • Shadow Serpentis and Corelum C-Type modules
  • T2 salvage
  • Bounty ~ 4M ISK

Detailed description

Warping to the site's entrance accel. gate shows the following message:

The Serpentis-Phi alliance control this mining outpost. Business is limited but the owners of the outpost are nevertheless well-off.

DED Threat Assessment: Risky (4 of 10)

1st Pocket:


Another message pops-up when inside the complex:

You stumble on to an entry that probably should not be in the public database…

'Important - The mission into the Outpost was not a success. Our agent crashed somewhere along with his cargo. Recommend a salvage mission ASAP!'

The timer on the message shows this to be a very recent entry in the database, only a few hours old or so.

Group A: 1x [F]Serpentis, 1x [C]Serpentis
Group B: 16x [F]Serpentis, 4x [C]Serpentis, 3x [BC]Serpentis

After destroying most of the NPCs, you can access the Electronically sealed container located inside the Hollow Asteroid. The container holds the 'Stolen Key' (needed to use the accel. gate leading to the 2nd pocket), 7th Tier Overseer Personal Effects and sometimes a Shadow Serpentis module. The gate itself is also synchronized with one of the NPCs (probably one of the cruisers)

Activating the accel. gate leading to the 2nd pocket shows the following message:

The asteroid colonies that have been built here are for show only. This deadspace pocket contains labs and bunkers for enhancment drugs production and advanced neural experimental implanting.

Nice info and to the point. Now the question is: Does one shoot or break out the wallet?

2nd Pocket:


Group A: 18x [F]Serpentis, 9x [C]Serpentis, 3x [BC]Serpentis, 1x [BS*]Serpentis Phi-Operation Protector (bounty 2.5M ISK)

The Phi-Operation Protector is the one you want to take out to loot the precious Corelum C-Type and Shadow Serpentis modules (+ 8th Tier Overseer Personal Effects). Don't forget to salvage the sucker (possibly lots of T2 salvage).


None found. No mention of escalation in any of the exploration information sources or forum posts. However, a cosmic anomaly called Serpentis Port escalated to this complex.



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