Serpentis Narcotics Warehouse

Brief Description

High-sec 3/10 DED Serpentis Complex with 4 pockets.


AF - Easy (TH/KI resists)
HAC - Very Easy (TH/KI, dual MAR2)

Allowed ships

DED 3/10 - max. cruiser class vessel


  • Shadow Serpentis modules, Coreli A-Type modules, Overseer Personal Effects (5th - 9th Tier), T2 Salvage, rarely Daredevil BPC
  • Bounty ~1M ISK

Detailed description

1st Pocket (Entrance Pocket):


Group A: 4x [F]Serpentis
Group B: 4x [F]Serpentis
Group C: 6x [F]Serpentis
Group D: 1x [F]Serpentis

Accel. gates are synchronized with the NPCs, so kill 'em all. Supply Traffic Management contains a key unlocking the left gate leading to the easier Check-In Tunnel Pocket and 5th Tier OPE. Sometimes a Shadow Serpentis Module might be present.

2nd Pocket, Branch A (Check-In Tunnel):

The check-in tunnel contains warehouses and storages for equipment and drugs ready for categorization and registration. Incoming vessels are required to check in at the Staff Quarters before continuing to the main drug refinery and central warehouses.


Multiple groups, in total 17x [F]Serpentis
Again, the gate is synchronized with the baddies. Staff Quarters contains valuable items (incl. 6th Tier OPE).

2nd pocket, Branch B (Security Corridor):

The security corridor is the main defense barrier before continuing through the acceleration gate towards the main refinery and central warehouses. All guest passes and operation handling is made by the Chief of Security on duty.


This is the harder pocket accessible from the Entrance.

7 Groups (A - G) of 4x [F]Serpentis
Group H: 1x Serpentis Light Missile Battery
Group I: 1x[C*]Serpentis(Serpentis Chief of Security) - this sucker has 7th Tier Overseer's Personal Effects

3rd pocket (Central Warehouses):

The central pocket of the complex houses the drug refinery, narcotics storages and military supply warehouses. The headmaster of the drug refinery must clear all visitors before allowing entry to the acceleration gate towards the administration sector.


4 Groups (A-D) of 3x [F]Serpentis, 1x Serpenits Sentry Gun
Group E: 2x [F]Serpentis
Group F: 2x [F]Serpentis, 1x [C*]Serpentis (Serpentis Refinery Headmaster) - there's no school like the old school and unfortunately, this poor little fella ain't the real old school headmaster, so don't forget to loot his wreck for 8th Tier OPE.

4th Pocket (Supply Stronghold):

The final sector contains the Supply Stronghold which houses the administration staff for the entire complex. No further information is available.


Groups A-C: 3x[F]Serpentis 1xSerpentis sentry gun
Groups D-F: 4x[F]Serpentis
Group G: 6x[F]Serpentis
Group H: 2x[F]Serpentis, 1x[C*]Serpentis (Serpentis Supplystation Overseer)

Destroy the Serpentis Supply Stronghold to get to the juicy loot (9th Tier OPE, Shadow Serpentis and Coreli A-Type modules, rarely a Daredevil BPC).


No Escalation.



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