Sansha's Watch

Brief Description

High-sec Sansha's Nation complex with 2 pockets akin to Blood Watch.


Easy - BC

Allowed ships

max. Battlecruiser


  • True Sansha modules, ammo, dog-tags

Detailed description

1st pocket:


Groups A+B: each 6x Centus Point Defense Battery
Group C: 4x [F]Sansha

Attacking one of the frigs in the group C spawns group D, attacking the other frigs also seems to spawn duos of cruisers.

Group D: 1x [C]Sansha, 1x [C]Sansha Centus Slave Commander

Killing the Centus Slave Commander unlocks the accel. gate leading to the next pocket.

Something nearby gate clicks, as the Commander is destroyed

You can also unlock the gate by having Sansha Silver Tag in your cargo (the tag is consumed).

2nd pocket


Group X (no info on ship grouping given, will fix this once I get more info): 14x [F]Sansha, 1x [F++]Sansha, 18x [C]Sansha, 4x Centus Light Missile Battery

Attacking the Sansha Mind Control Tower calls in group Y.

Group Y: 2x [C]Sansha, 1x [C+]Sansha Centum Milita Overseer


Escalates to A Nation of the Rise after killing the True Sansha Slaver.


Around 80 veld roids in the second pocket.

Information for this entry was supplied by Xentara Vispari, additional info by LilithR (thanks!)


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