Rogue Trial Yard

Brief Description

Medium difficulty Low-sec Drone Complex/Encounter with possibility of escalation.


Assault Frigate - Hard (very hard to kill all the baddies but triggering the escalation should be possible even for a low-sp char)
HAC - Easy, almost AFK (Ishtar, dual MAR2, omni-tank)

Allowed ships

· Frigate
· Cruiser
· Assault Ship
· Heavy Assault Ship
· Battlecruiser
· Destroyer
· Interdictor
· Covert Ops
· Interceptor
· Logistics
· Force Recon Ship
· Stealth Bomber
· Electronic Attack Ship
· Heavy Interdictor
· Combat Recon Ship


  • low-grade drone alloys
  • T1 and some T2 salvage (Sentient Drones)
  • drone components

Detailed description

1st pocket:


Group A: 3x [C]Drone (warp-in aggro)
Group B: 2x [F]Harvester Drone (warp-in aggro)
Group C: 3x [F]Digger Drone

Spatial rift is the accel. gate leading to the 2nd pocket. When approached it spawns a couple of frigate-sized drones.

Group D: 2-3x [F]Drone, 2-3x [F+]Drone, 0-6x [BC]Drone Assault Drone

2nd pocket:


Group A: 3x [D]Drone
Group B: 7x [F]Drone
(contains spawn trigger for Group C)

Group C: 1x [C++]Drone (spawn trigger for Group D), 4x [C]Drone

Group D: 3x [D]Drone, 2x [BC]Drone

5x Container with blast marks (in 3 groups: 2-2-1, the lonely one triggers Group E)

Group E: 2x [BC]Drone, 3x [C+]Drone


Present, details unknown, possibly tougher version of Pulverize The Pioneers.



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