Rogue Drone Asteroid Infestation

Brief Description

Easy (DED 3/10) high- and low-sec Drone complex with 3 pockets.


AF - Easy (Ishkur, omni-tank)

Allowed ships

DED 3/10 - max. cruiser class vessel


  • 5th and 7th Tier Overseer Personal Effects
  • tiny amount of minerals and some Drone alloys

Frankly, rewards from this complex are very poor, hardly worth the effort.

Detailed description

Warping to the site's entrance accel. gate shows the following message:

This deadspace complex was once the workfield of a large mining corporation. It is now infested with a strain of rogue drones, working tirelessly to stripmine the once valuable ore that still remains hidden within the depths of the ruins.

DED Threat Assessment: Unsafe (3 of 10)

1st Pocket:


Another message pops-up when inside the complex:

This complex was once the workfield of a wealthy mining corporation. Funding got cut shortly after an architectural mishap, where the acceleration gates that were supposed to carry the massive industrial haulers got infected with a mysterious virus. The gates' power coils were severely drained and are to this day only capable of hurling smaller vessels between complex pockets. The ruins are now reputed to be infested with a strain of rogue drones.

Group A: 3x [s]Drone (unlocks the accel. gate to the next pocket)

This section of the complex was once a pocket of very valuable minerals. Most of the ore was mined away decades ago by the resident mining corporation, but the drifting hulks of rock are now kept company by another type of scavangers; rogue drones.

2nd Pocket:


Group A: 2x [F]Drone
Group B: 7x [s]Drone
Group C: 7x [s]Drone, 1x [F]Drone
Group D: 2x [F]Drone

Black Drone Container contains 5th Tier Overseer Personal Effects and Rogue Drone Container contains a tiny amount of minerals.

This complex pocket once housed a thriving center for miners operating in the deadspace field. The old station ruins that still remain within the sector are evidence enough that some decades back, this area was highly valued by the mining corporation.

Multiple signals and reports of rogue drone activity has been detected around this central area. It appears these abandoned ruins have now become the home of a hostile strain of rogue drones, stopping at nothing to defend their harvesting operation.

3rd Pocket:


Group A: 3x [F]Drone
Group B: 4x [F]Drone
Group C: 5x [F]Drone
Group D: 8x [s]Drone

Mineral Containers and the Rogue Drone Container hold some minerals, Scratched Cask holds 7th Tier Overseer Personal Effects.


No escalation.


Asteroids in the 1st Pocket: 11x Veldspar, 1x Omber
Asteroids in the 2nd Pocket: 28x Veldspar, 1x Omber
Asteroids in the 3rd Pocket: 9x Veldspar, 8x Omber


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