Provisional Serpentis Outpost

Brief Description

A low-sec Serpentis Complex with 2 pockets and an escalation, esentially a low-sec version of Serpentis Hideout.


AF - Easy (TH/KI resists)
HAC - Zombie Mode (TH/KI resists)

Allowed ships

· Frigate
· Cruiser
· Shuttle
· Rookie ship
· Assault Ship
· Heavy Assault Ship
· Battlecruiser
· Destroyer
· Command Ship
· Interdictor
· Covert Ops
· Interceptor
· Logistics
· Force Recon Ship
· Stealth Bomber
· Electronic Attack Ship
· Heavy Interdictor
· Combat Recon Ship


  • Bounty ~600k

Detailed description

1st Pocket:


Group A: 1x [F]Serpentis (warp-in aggro)
Group B: 2x [F]Serpentis (warp-in aggro)
Group C: 1x [C]Serpentis (ca. 140km away, warp-in aggro, triggers Group D)

Group D: 3x [F]Serpentis (140km from the accel. gate)

Proximity to the accel. gate (under 10km) triggers group E.
Group E: 2x [C]Serpentis

2nd Pocket:


Group A: 3x [F]Serpentis - might trigger commander spawn (1x [C++]Serpentis)

After approx. 2 minutes from entering this pocket Group B spawns.
Group B: 0-1x [F]Serpentis, 0-2x[F+]Serpentis, 1-2x [BC]Serpentis

After another minute or so Group C spawns.
Group C: 3-4x [F]Serpentis

Attacking the Serpentis Armory calls in the Group D.
Group D: 0-4x [F]Serpentis, 3-4x [D]Serpentis, 0-4x [C]Serpentis, 0-3x [BC]Serpentis (120km away)


Destroying the Serpentis Armory might trigger an escalation called Guardian Angels Surveillance Squad.


Asteroids in the 1st pocket: Veldspar 200k+
Asteroids in the 2nd pocket: Veldspar 350k+, Scordite 150k



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