Mul - Zatah Monastery

Brief Description

A 4/10 DED complex belonging to the Blood Raiders, 2 pockets. Information supplied by Dayreth.


Any cruiser with 40+ range,220m/s or 15km range,70hp/sec tank and 220+ m/s
Best ship: as much dps as possible, was very boring on battlecruiser.

Allowed ships

max. Battlecruiser class vessel


  • 7th, 8th Tier Overseer Personal Effects
  • Corpum C-Type module(s)

Detailed description

1st Pocket:

8 Light missile Battery
2 Sentry guns (about 40km range)
6 Cruisers (50-60k bounty), close range, NOS
Cruiser - overseer. 7th effects
2 Cruisers aggro when closest missile battery to them is attacked.

2nd Pocket:

6* 4 Heavy Missile Battery - don't aggro normally
6* stasis tower - don't aggro normally
6* 3 Cruisers - close, NOS, slow
4* sentry gun - 40 km max range
1 inner sanctrum (might drop Corpum C-Type modules)

6 nodes with 4 lauchers, 1 stasis, 3 cruisers. 1 central node with 4 sentrys
If inner sanctrum attacked, all (including heavy missile lauchers) aggro.

Recommended sequence 1:
Tank sentrys. kill stasis tower/heavy missile lauchers/cruisers in each node separately. Lauchers aggro if too close. Kill sentrys, kill temple.
Recommended sequence 2:
Kill sentrys to aggro all cruisers. Kill cruisers. Kill enough turrets to be able to tank after inner sanctrum is attacked. Kill sanctum.


Dayreth's info hints a possible escalation after destroying the Inner Sanctum. This needs confirmation as DED complexes aren't supposed to escalate.



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