Haunted Yard

Brief Description

A high-sec Drone complex with one pocket and an escalation.


AF - Easy (omni-tank)

Allowed ships

· Frigate
· Cruiser
· Shuttle
· Rookie ship
· Assault Ship
· Destroyer
· Interdictor
· Covert Ops
· Interceptor
· Stealth Bomber
· Electronic Attack Ship


  • Drone alloys
  • Drone components
  • T1/T2 salvage

Detailed description

Single pocket:


Group A: 2x [F]Drone
Group B: 3x [F]Drone (Drone Defender)
Group C: 3x [F]Drone, 1x [F+]Drone

Second wave:
Group D: 9x [F]Drone

Third wave:
Group E: 4x [F]Drone

The Leaking Casks are empty and cannot be hacked or analyzed.


Escalation called Pulverize The Pioneers is triggered by some killing.


Rogeroo supplied the info and the screenshot for this entry.


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