Guristas Troop Reinvigoration Camp

Brief Description

A lowsec Guristas 6/10 DED complex.


HAC minimum?

Allowed ships

DED 6/10 - up to battleship class vessels allowed


No data

Detailed description

Warping to the site's entrance accel. gate shows the following message:

This deadspace complex has been annexed by the Guristas forces to house an entertainment and recuperation center for troops on leave. While the area is not heavily guarded by on-duty personnel, the complex is normally occupied by a wide range of warships and experienced off-duty military staff.

DED Threat Assessment: Serious (6 of 10)

1st Pocket:


Another message pops-up when inside the complex:

This entrance pocket of the complex serves as a checkpoint to alert the internal pockets of the complex in the case of any intrusion or a Concord raid.

The acceleration gate leading towards the Recuperation Tower is both scrambled by the resident Guristas pilots, making it critical to take out those peripheral defenses before advancing forth.

Group A: 10x [D]Gurista, 1x [BC]Gurista

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