Dirty Site

Brief Description

2-pocket lowsec drone complex with heaps of rogue drones and a possible escalation.


HAC - Medium (Ishtar, Omni tank, dual MAR2)

Allowed ships


  • drone alloys
  • drone components

Detailed description

1st pocket:


Group A: 5x [F]Drone (warp-in aggro)
Group B: 4x [F]Drone, 1x [F+]Drone
Group C: 6x [C]Drone

Proximity to the accel gate spawns group D:
Group D: 5x [F]Drone (Protector Drone)

2nd pocket:


Group A: 6x [F]Drone (Harvester Drone) (warp-in aggro)
Group B: 5x [F]Drone (Infectious Drone), 3x [F+]Drone (Infectious Drone)

After a minute or so group C appears and aggroes:
Group C: 3x [F+]Drone, 2x [D]Drone

Dispatching last of the group B seems to call in group D:
Group D: 3x [F+]Drone, 3x [C+]Drone, 1x [C++]Drone

Killing commander drone from the group D calls in group E:
Group E: 4x [F+]Drone, 3x [D]Drone

Group F: 3x [C+]Drone, 4x [BC]Drone touching them spawns group G…

Group G: 4x [F]Drone, 4x [BS]Drone

Group H: 5x [C]Drone (Processor Drone)

Killing all these poor buggers might trigger an escalation.

We will move elsewhere


Escalates to Loose Ends expedition.




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