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Here goes a brief description of the complex.
Here goes difficulty assessment for different types of ships.
Here goes a list of types of ships that are allowed to enter the complex.

· Frigate
· Cruiser
· Assault Ship
· Heavy Assault Ship
· Battlecruiser
· Destroyer
· Interdictor
· Covert Ops
· Interceptor
· Logistics
· Force Recon Ship
· Stealth Bomber
· Electronic Attack Ship
· Heavy Interdictor
· Combat Recon Ship
Here goes a list of possible rewards (bounties, special modules, salvage, etc.).

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Here goes a detailed description of each pocket (incl. NPC groups, objects and events worth mentioning, etc.).
+Nth pocket:
Group N: Yx [X]Faction

Here goes information about possible Escalation with a link to the page of the Escalation
All other info goes here incl. artistic screenshots and other stuff…

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