Serpentis Chemical Lab

Brief Description

Low-security space drug research site belonging to Serpentis Corporation. Contains 4 hackable objects.


HAC - Easy (TH/KI resists, dual MAR2)


Here goes a list of possible rewards (bounties, special modules, salvage, etc.).

  • Hardwirings (Alchemist)
  • Gas Cloud Harvester modules
  • Booster reactions (Synth Exile)

Bounty: 3M ISK

Detailed description

Masking the existence of this facility by placing it within a large space wreck the Serpentis have successfully managed to establish a small chemical laboratory close to the gas cloud harvest they seek. Such facilities are used to refine and improve upon their booster formulas and are well protected.


Group A: 4x [BC]Serpentis, 4x [C+]Serpentis
Groups B and C: each 3x Serpentis Cruise Missile Battery and 3x Serpentis Heavy Missile Battery

Destroying group A calls in group D:
Group D: 4x [BC]Serpentis, 4x [C+]Serpentis

Hacking one of the labs might call in group E:
Group E: 3x [F]Serpentis

Hackable objects:
4x Serpentis Chemical Laboratory
The initial spawns don't seem to prevent from hacking and looting the chemical labs, only the 3 frig spawn locks the access to the lab that's being hacked.



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