Exploration - Small - Jaspet, Kernite, Omber

Brief Description

A small High-sec hidden belt with Jaspet, Kernite and Omber (all flavours included).

Detailed description


15x Jaspet (14k)
12x Pristine Jaspet (11.5k)
4x Pure Jaspet (6.5k)

20x Kernite (29k)
6x Fiery Kernite (9k)

8x Omber (35k)
2x Golden Omber (7.5k)
9x Silvery Omber (40k)

A lot of the asteroids are under 2k, which might lower mining efficiency (lots of half-used cycles).

Infested Station Ruins spawn a couple of frigate-sized drones every few minutes.



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