Ransacked Blood Raider Explosive Debris

Brief Description

A low-security space Blood Raider salvaging site with 8 salvagable objects.


Frigate - Easy


  • T1 salvage, rarely T2 salvage

Detailed description

Debris litters this small pocket of space; torn sheets of hardened metal and twisted cables snake up through larger hulls and structures that all speak a story of violence and deterioration. A salvaging module will be required to sift amongst the garbage and find items of value.


Group A: 2x [F]Blood, 2x [D]Blood

Salvaging some of the objects may trigger small Blood spawns (mostly frigs and destroyers).

2x Blood Ship Debris
2x Blood Ship Rubble
2x Blood Ship Waste
2x Blood Ship Wreck

The salvage is typical for Blood Raiders ships, T2 salvage can be found here.



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