Profession - ArcSal - Base 2 - Lo Sec - Serpentis

Brief Description

Tier 2 low-sec archeology/salvaging site guarded by the Serpentis.


AF - Medium (TH. tank)
HAC - Very Easy (Ishtar - TH. tank)


  • T1 salvage, skillbooks
  • Bounty ~250k ISK

Detailed description


Group A: 2x[C]Serpentis
Group B: 2x[F]Serpentis, 3x[C]Serpentis

When approached, one of the Serpentis Rubbles spawns a single Serpentis destroyer.

The following objects can be analyzed:
2x Serpentis Rubble
2x Serpentis Debris

The following objects can be salvaged:
2x Serpentis Waste
2x Serpentis Wreck

As with most of the magnetometric sites in high- and low-sec, loot from this site is hardly worth the probes and the effort (150 pieces of crappy T1 salvage and a rank 1 skillbook is the best I've found so far).



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