Crumbling Blood Raider Solar Harvesters

Brief Description

A small high-security space Blood Raiders arcsal site with 2 salvagable and 2 archaeology objects.


Easy in anything that's able to dispatch a couple of frigs.


  • T1 salvage, rarely T2 salvage
  • Skillbooks

Detailed description

Ancient ruins stand silent and still in the cold vacuum of space, a sober reminder of times long since past. An analyzer module will be vital in gaining a deeper understanding the numerous artifacts located here and finding something of value amongst the rubble.


Group A: 3x [F]Blood

Group B: 1x [F]Blood

Failing the analyzing can trigger a boobytrap ( couple of Blood frigs ).

2x Blood Waste
2x Blood Debris

The salvage is typical for Blood Raiders ships, usually 1-10 pieces per type per object. Rarely, T2 salvage can be found here.



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